Maximum Mobility – Minimum Costs

Which business jet best suits your specific needs? What will it cost – both to buy, and to operate? And how can you maximise the return on your investment, while minimizing your outlay?

Every decision you will be called upon to make when purchasing a business jet can significantly impact on the efficiency, revenue and earnings of your company – or, in the case of private owners, on your personal assets. Fortunately, our years of experience mean that we are uniquely equipped to assist you in making the right decisions at every stage of the process – which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our expertise even before purchasing your jet.

We can assist you in choosing the right model, taking all procurement and operation costs into account. We can offer you a wide range of services for the safe and economical operation of your business jet. And, on request, we can help you to substantially reduce your operating costs by the optimal marketing of your aircraft.

For more information on how we can assist you in procuring and operating your business jet, please contact us.

Our services at a glance:

  • Benefit/needs assessment: Together, we will determine the best type of aircraft for your specific needs and budget.
  • Individual operating model: We will prepare the entire budget, including financing and subsequent costs and, if you wish, calculate the potential income from third-party chartering.
  • Aircraft assessment: We will provide you with a detailed technical and financial evaluation of suitable aircraft available on the market. We can also provide valuable advice regarding technical equipment and the design of your cabin
  • We provide expert advice regarding financing and insurance options
  • We offer reliable professional support during the aircraft delivery process.
  • Customized cabin furnishings: If needed, we can optimize the cabin according to your specifications, or refurbish and clean the furnishings of used aircraft
  • Crew deployment: We can take care of recruiting, licensing, education and continued training of the cockpit and cabin crews
  • Aircraft maintenance and safety tests: Our experienced maintenance team will guarantee that the planning, monitoring, and execution of technical aircraft maintenance will be to airline standards.
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