FLYGLONBAL is pleased to announce their cargo service is fully operational, to around the world.

We have designed for you an international freight solution that you can trust. We offer comprehensive, fully integrated air freight services that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our reliable global network delivers timely and cost-efficient cargo services.

Our Staff

People are our greatest asset. Our Staff excel in delivering our services in simpler and smarter ways. Our Cargo Team employs world-class experts, granting you a peace of mind from shipment to delivery. Qualified personnel handle reservations, documentation, tracing, claim handling and post flight follow-up. Experienced operators guarantee consistency and efficiency.

Our Services

Our main aim is to provide a portfolio of products that meet your each and every need. We provide the simplest freight solutions and highest commitment to deliver as promised. Our service range currently includes:

General Cargo

A reliable service that enables you to conveniently move your regular shipments

Perishable Cargo

A ​swift service to ensure that your perishables arrive fast and fresh

Express Courier

​A speedy service with minimal paperwork

Unaccompanied Bags​

If your luggage does not fit in the trunk, we will take it for you. A service to provide you with the option of moving your unaccompanied bags to wherever we fly.

Human Remains

​A special care service for human remains is specially designed for support in times of need.

Dangerous Goods

​Highly specialized service for transportation of Dangerous Goods as per IATA and ICAO regulations.

Our Prices

Our cargo service focuses on delivering world-class air freight solutions at the most competitive prices. To get a pricing quote for your next delivery, please call our local cargo agent (below) where our sales team will happily serve you. Please provide us with details about your cargo, such as:

  • Product
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Delivery Date
  • Routing

Using our reliable services is an exceptionally economic choice. We aspire to provide the finest quality of service that the freight industry has to offer.

Our Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Type: A300 & A330 & B737 & B757 & B767 & B777 & 7 & B747 & 737 & Others
Maximum Cargo Weight: 120T
Range: Flying distance up to 15 hours Cargo
Types: All types subject to country of destination approval

FLYGLOBAL is fully certified by the of Civil Aviation to carry cargo in cabin as well in aircraft hold.

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